Moose Mamas is a nonprofit that focuses on rehabilitating and releasing orphaned moose calves back into the wild.  Every year, hundreds of moose are tragically killed in Alaska due to vehicle collisions.   Many cows are hit, leaving behind their scared and vulnerable babies.  Moose Mamas works closely with the Alaska Department of Fish & Game and the Alaska State Troopers in a joint effort to rescue the calves before they meet the same fate as the mother they just lost.    
Our Moose Mamas rehabilitation center is located near Anchorage, Alaska.  A team of dedicated veterinarians, wildlife biologists, and interns work very hard to make sure that the orphans are very well cared for. It is our mission to rear the calves in an environment closest to nature.  It typically take an average of four months for the calves to be ready for their release back into the wild.
Moose Mamas released four calves in 2015 and five calves in 2016.  We take two calves at a time in a floatplane and fly them to a remote destination where there are no roads or humans.  The calves are released with tracking collars and are monitored once a month.  
Moose Mamas is very proud to announce that we have 100% survival so far in two years!  The calves are thriving in the wild where they BELONG!